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Generous portions of olives, grilled and pickled vegetables, bocconcini cheese
and more.

Small $50
Medium $75
Large $100

A wholesome variety of domestic and imported cheeses.

Small $45
Medium $85
Large $125

A selection of international deli meats

Small $50
Medium $75
Large $100

Our sumptuous appetizer trays are made with the freshest ingredients and are attractively arranged on“self-serve” disposable platters.

Small $30
Medium $45
Large $60
Call for Price $

Beautifully arranged Charcuterie Boards garnished with international cheeses, deli meats, marinades grilled veggies and dried fruits.

Per Person $5.95
From $5.95


(Minimum 8 People)

Grilled Steak / Grilled Chicken / Grilled Vegetables.


A fresh assortment of breads – ranging from Italian buns, to New York style bagels – filled with a variety of international deli meats, egg salad, tuna salad and more. Garnished with pickles, olives and fresh vegetables.


Meat Dishes

(Minimum 8 People)

prices vary according to cut

From $11.95

Simmered in Red & Yellow Pepper Sauce


w/ potatoes, peppers, mushrooms & onions


In A White Wine & Mushroom Sauce


5-6 Oz. Portions


Pasta Dishes

(Minimum 8 People). All pasta dishes served with a fresh, crusty Italian roll and Parmesan cheese.


Large $4.50
Mini $1.95
Large $3.95
Mini $1.50
Each $1.50
With Cheese $1.95
1/2\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s $3.95
Large $5.95


Small $1.50
Large $2.50

orange, apple, fruit punch, grape – just ask!


Coke, Root Beer, C-Plus, Grape, etc.


Continental Breakfast

(Minimum 8 People. Price subject to change without notice. Volume discounts available.. Prices do not include HST)
Per Person $2.00

Assortment of Muffins, Danishes, Bagels and Croissants.

From $3.95
With Fruit $5.95