Eat in & Take out Menu


All sandwiches served on Fresh, Crusty Italian Rolls with tomato sauce and your choice of sweet peppers, mushrooms and / or onions.


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Small From $5.50
Medium From $7.95
Large From $9.95


Small $5.25
Large $7.50
Small $4.75
Large $6.95
Small $5.25
Large $7.50

Pizza Toppings

Pepperoni, Sweet Capicollo, Green Olives, Fresh Mushroom, Hot Salami, Roasted Red Peppers, GreenPeppers, Sweet Salami, Eggplant, Onions, Double Cheese*, Zucchini, Bacon, Ground Beef, Artichoke Hearts, Italian sausage, Chicken Breast*, Anchovies, Sliced Tomatoes, Pineapple, Extra Cheese, Ham, Hot Peppers, Feta Cheese*, Hot Capicollo, Black Olives. Free Toppings: Thick or Thin Crust, Fresh Garlic, Extra sauce & […]


$70 Minimum for Delivery Prices subject to change without notice Applicable Taxes not included.
Small $1.50
Medium $1.75
Large $2.25
Party $3.00
Small $17.00
Medium $20.25
Large $23.50
Party $32.00

Summer Special! From June to August only…

Small $15.50
Medium $18.50
Large $21.25
Party $29.00
Small $14.00
Medium $16.75
Large $19.00
Party $26.00
Small 12.50
Medium 15.00
Large 16.75
Party 23.00